Internship Opportunities

At ASA, we value knowledge and your ability to apply the knowledge to real life problems, i.e., understanding the given business environment and looking for solutions through your expertise & experience. If you have passion for learning and adding valur through research and innovative ideas, we welcome you to express your interest to intern with us. We welcome applications from students and professionals alike and are open to possibilities ranging from internships, assignment-based engagement and full-time engagement.

Whether you are a student looking to start your career, a qualified lawyer interested in a specific office or practice area, or would like to work with us in a non-legal role, you are always welcome to get in touch with our office to find out what career opportunities may be available.

Please feel free to send your profiles at

Apply what you learn at law school to real world problems. You will not be an observer. We will challenge you with interesting work. Pick up some practical experience and stretch your capabilities.

Do you have an educational background in Law?
Do you thrive on Intellectual Challenges?
Are you a Detail-Oriented Problem Solver?

When you begin as an intern/associate, we assign you to a team led by one of our partners. A mentor is someone who understands your fears and concerns – will help you navigate your first few months on the job.

Opportunity to Learn

We expect you to contribute actively to the team that you join. You will see real cases, participate in discussions on law and strategy, go to court with our lawyers, and be involved in actual transactions.

Opportunity to Grow
All of this will help you figure out your path. Do you want to be an all-rounder or a specialist? What aspects of competition law are most interesting to you?

Of course, we hope you will have some fun along the way. We are not your stereotypical stuffy law firm.

Interested? Here’s how you can apply.

Send your CV to Your CV should contain the following information:

  1. Personal particulars including nationality, contact details and a photograph
  2. Academic record in law school to date
  3. Awards, prizes and scholarships
  4. Extra-curricular activities
  5. Elective subject choices
  6. Preferred area of practice for your internship / Association