Conference Notes

Summit on Challenges in Competition Law Enforcement in India

 Organized by PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry on 27th September 2014 at Hotel Radisson Blu, Noida.
Key Points I spoke about in the Session on Practice and Procedure
  • Powers of the DG to issue notice Suo-moto in the Automobile Manufacturer’s case – the Competition Act provides for DG to step into the shoes of CCI and that it shall have all the powers conferred on CCI. (CCI not only has powers to initiate investigation suo-moto but also has all the powers of a civil court for summoning witnesses, producing evidences etc.) ;

  • Any investigative mechanism would not be effective with fetters on finding evidence;
  • However, CCI is not a “Court” although it has some trappings of a “Quasi-Judicial” body while deciding on rights of parties and passing and enforcing orders;
  • CCI must function with the idea to inculcate a Competition Culture – to inspire industry players to compete, to make them aware about how their business conduct is considered violative in view of the new competition policy objectives;
  • The Success of CCI lies in the markets improving with the new paradigm of competition culture rather than stakeholders getting wiped out with heavy penalties – A balance of Carrot and Stick philosophy will help in the desired deterrence without destroying industries.

Competition Law Compliance

Singapore Feb, 2014

I spoke on key issues businesses need to know to ensure compliance with Competition Law

Investing In Asian Giants: Regulatory And Policy Analysis Of Competition Law In India

 Regulatory framework of emerging sectors

Preferential treatment to incumbents

Size of Indian market – in South Asian region

 Barriers to entry and incentives

Success factors in other competition models (e.g. Brazil, US and EU)

Some other Business Law Conferences attended this year

Attended by eminent speakers like –
  • Michael Kirby,
  • K.K Venugopal,
  • The Hon. Tom Bathurst,
  • Chief Justice of NSW,
  • Dr Gordon Hughes | Ashurt

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