Bullish on e-commerce?

” …To have real success and roots in a society, there has to be a local champion and hence we believe in identifying a local entrepreneur. Also, when we invest we don’t try to take 51% or 80% or majority equity stake…we would very often be the largest shareholder with 30-40% equity share, but we don’t intend to control. Rather, we support the local entrepreneur to be the captain of the ship….” Says Masayoshi Son, Chairman of SoftBank

but in the same breath he says –

“…I don’t know enough about the regulations…that might be bothering, but in general, I am hearing that the government is looking at every aspect of regulations and whether they should make them more transparent. They have a passion to improve. We had specific conversation with the PM for digital policies and we got a sense that they are looking into it.
Also the government can play a role in improving the infrastructure by guiding the mobile giants into bringing next-generation spectrum allocation…and through technology standards……”. Read more

Query – Bullish business strategies are not risk averse?

A more focused Competitive intelligence, regarding the external business environment and early identification of risks and opportunities in the market before they become obvious would help in getting early signals – of perspective on developments and events aimed at yielding a competitive edge.

How can Competition Authorities protect consumers from companies’ anti-competitive behaviour without stifling new and innovative forms of competition that are the key drivers of growth in the e-commerce sector?

To know more read on this key issue here.


The essential difference between OTAs and Brick and Mortar shops

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